Country Bumpkins

Feeling the pangs of Glasto envy, Bex and I went in search of a field.  We stumbled upon this quaint country chapel and along with the murky weather, it seemed fitting as a backdrop to our city/country, stormy hued outfits.  First outing for my new shoes (spectacularly ill-suited to such terrain), which unlike their almost identical counterparts, were from ASOS and are not by Jeffrey Campbell or Jessica Simpson, I feel a bit guilty at their outright plagiarism... but I still love them.

(and the pictures of Bex..erm wow)

Bex - Jumper, Skirt, Leather Waistcoat - all vintage, Wedges - Topshop, Hat - ASOS
Me - Jumper - vintage, Shorts - Topshop Boutique, Shoes - ASOS, Hat - ASOS


  1. Linkd u thru chictopia,lovd ur look so much,hd 2 tak a peak.hehe.love ur shoes .adore ur style:-)
    much love,